Dedication | Passion


Renzo Asparria, owner and chief instructor of HKMT, has been involved in various martial arts for most of his life.  He has a diverse, well-rounded resume with many different forms of martial arts and combat training. His biggest asset though, is his love for teaching, which shows in his classes.

A retired professional Muay Thai and amateur South American-style Vale Tudo fighter, Renzo Asparria has over 30 years in martial arts training and over 25 years of teaching experience.  Renzo is also a former trainer for Master Toddy, Fairtex Muay Thai Camp Certified trainer and one of very few who are certified by the IAMTF (International Amateur Muay Thai Federation) as a Muay Thai instructor and trainer. In addition, he holds a 2nd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do by the Korean Kukkiwon, and a 1st degree black belt in Shotokan Karate by the JKA (Japanese Karate Association). Renzo also has military hand-to-hand combat training and is a member of the international Shootfighting Association.

Many gyms have instructors that have years of experience in teaching and fighting, what sets Renzo above the rest is his passion for teaching. You will witness this from the first class you take at Hard Knocks Muay Thai.

Renzo also ensures that this passion for teaching is instilled in all of his instructors.